Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Here is a submission that I got from a reader:

"I hate when people say I only get good grades because I'm Asian. It's because I try, and they justify their reasoning because I'm adopted. My parents just have high expectations. The Asian culture has high expectations. Something Caucasians need to realize instead of justifying our intelligence on race.
Race doesn't matter. It's you and your family."

What do you guys think? Malcolm Gladwell argued in his book Outliers that perhaps the Chinese ARE better at learning math than other races because of certain cultural factors.

Family or culture, or both? Comment below!

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  1. UMMMMMM. Definitely both. My mom told me that my white friends all went home and studied pretty hard, they just pretended not to in public... because the world is competitive. Lol. So.. I'm curious less about asians being smart for whatever reason, I'm more curious about those white kids who pretend to not give a crap about school and end up with lucrative jobs. It can't be just family connections or racial hierarchy.... Unless.. it is? That's something I'm curious about. Do you think that white people (and black and brown and red people) also wonder with the same curiosity I have, about asians' intelligence & high drive for success?

    Hope you keep blogging. I just subscribed to you.



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