Saturday, June 13, 2009


  1. I feel the same. Although I do like Utada's album.

  2. Completely agree. Especially BoA's new song...I could barely finish listening. But I will say that I've discovered some really good Asian American bands/musicians which help make the bad crossover situation a bit better.

  3. I agree, but there are a lot of talented Filipino artists who sing in English (Charisse Pempengo doesn't count), who you'd think were stateside. Example: South Border. I especially love their album Episode III Check out "Best That I Can" or Rainbow and tell me these guys couldn't make it as crossover artists.

    Unfortunately, for them, Filipinos are just a bunch of brown monkeys to the record execs, who'd rather sign artists from Australia and Europe (and the occasional reggaeton artist from Puerto Rico).

  4. Haha. But Utada's music is great!

  5. Yeah, I've got to agree I'm still in search of good crossover. For now I'm sticking with Thao Nguyen for my choice of "Damn, that's some good music; I hope it breaks down some stereotypes." link to an interesting interview and music sample here if links work.

    And maybe this isn't necessarily the place for it, but does anyone have any suggestions for good Chinese-language music that could be classified as indie or hip or pushing the envelope?

  6. thao nguyen isn't exactly a crossover artist...wasn't she raised in virginia? she's a fantastic artist by the way and on a totally geeky note, she went to my college!

    while i dont know any good crossover musicians (i hope this changes soon), here are some pretty rad asian american peeps that ya'll should check out:

    - blue scholars
    - far east movement
    - thao nguyen (well, duh)
    - journey (okay, the new lead singer is filipino but that's awesome)
    - david choi
    - kina grannis

  7. I love David Choi and Far East Movement. Epik High just did a U.S. tour with FM. I would totally get behind Epik High if they wanted to crossover, but they don't seem that interested.

    Rain has an American film coming out soon. I wonder if he's going to put out an English album. And The Wonder Girls are touring with The Jonas Brothers. How is that for an odd pairing up?


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