Friday, June 12, 2009

Lest We Forget - Tiananmen

Dear Tank Man,

As the pack of mechanical beasts drove towards you, I wish I knew what was driving you. I like to think of it singularly as disgust. I like to think that that was your fuel.

Alone, there you stood.
A symbol of freedom.
An inspiration.
An affirming flame.
I hope Auden agrees.

The journalists, who risked their lives to document your moment of glory, reported as much. Thanks to you and thanks to them, your story has reached me. It has grabbed a hold of me.

It has grasped the whole of me.

While it is impossible to know what you were saying that day, your actions in the name of free speech were heard, loud and clear, around the globe.

People have secret admirers. Your admirers are nothing of the kind. Instead, it is your identity and fate that may forever remain a secret.

Of no consequence, I say. Neither tank nor umbrella shall have any leverage over truth and justice.

May peace be with you. May peace soon be upon us.


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